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Haefele introduces traditional style in modern kitchen

Published on :Friday, July 30, 2021

With the rise of remote working, rural life gained popularity and with all new Haefele designs the traditional kitchen are making way into the modern-day lifestyle. Kitchen designs are gaining popularity as with remote working style upgrading homes is now the order of the day. Thus, making countryside living a reality for many would-be city dwellers. Even for homeowners residing in more urban areas, bringing elements of rural life into the home can bring with it a sense of tranquility or escapism. To complement this rural aesthetic, country traditional kitchens are up in popularity too, with consumers opting for familiar, timeless styles.

Iconic range cookers

Nothing says country traditional like a range cooker; it’s the cooker for customers striving for the country aesthetic, and one that’s bound to add the final stamp on your design. The Dual Fuel Smeg Victoria range cooker combines the iconic range cooker style, with Smeg’s high performance technology. Also, the 900mm single cavity Smeg Portofino range cookers are ideal. These induction cookers are simple in design yet offer extra large oven capacity and provide users with the ability to optimise cooking times of multiple dishes simultaneously, without flavour transfer.

Shaking it up

On a par with range cookers, in terms of classic country style, are shaker cabinet doors. One of the largest focal points of the living space, kitchen cabinet doors play a huge part in determining the overall style. The York range from Haefele’s Aspekt collection of kitchen cabinet doors is the epitome of shaker design, with its raised rectangular frame.

Storage for shakers

Cabinet doors are the gatekeepers to the appliances, utensils and groceries that sit behind them, so clever internal storage is key to a kitchen that functions as beautifully as it looks.

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