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Felder to unveil Format 4 profit H80 at LIGNA 2019

Published on :Monday, March 25, 2019

The future of CNC machinery production is here, as the leading Austrian machinery producers, FELDER Group is gearing up to launch the FORMAT-4 CNC machining centre profit H80 – at LIGNA, 2019. The centre will be the only automated production cell for furniture construction.



One of the most advanced European machinery manufacturer FELDER Group is equipped with the finest staff and skilled professionals to deliver innovative solutions for the furniture and woodworking industry. For years customers have benefited from acquiring desired materials from a single source. Consistently the group has produced high–quality customer-specific need-based products for the woodworking market.



The new profit H80 is uniquely designed to assist cabinetmaking as well as carpentry workshops and enrich the “furniture production 4.0”. For instance, the profit H80 will equip the mid-sized organisations to produce custom furniture with detailed holes, grooves as well as the connection on a mouse click. This system also supports state-of-the-art nesting technology crafted to achieve maximum saving within a short time. The profit H80 may be expanded to offer complete automation loading and unloading solutions, hence achieving maximum throughput rates. State-of-the-art advanced production process is encircled by the piece of furniture is based on F4 Solutions. The specific software tools here are efficient enough to offer apt guidance to the user throughout the production process. The system allows the user to design custom pieces of furniture with ease in their usual CAD environment and render photo-realistic 3D visualizations to support sales. These may be further used to transmit detailed data, including cost-effective nesting optimization, to all integrated machinery. Users are even guided through the final assembly with the help of clear and detailed drawings, and 3D data – that’s how FELDER sees 4.0 when it comes to workshop and industry.



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