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DIEFFENBACHER takes over Bertsch

 Monday, January 9, 2023

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DIEFFENBACHER acquired the entire know-how and all crucial assets of the traditional Vorarlberg company Bertsch energy- headquartered in Bludenz, western Austria. The takeover was formally concluded on January 1, 2023, through the newly inaugurated subsidiary of DIEFFENBACHER Energy GmbH. This very well thought out move comes as a response to the energy turnaround, which is speeding up as a result of recent international political events, Actively influencing the energy turnaround in the best way possible is a crucial strategic challenge for many organisations. This acquisition was designed with the goal of providing DIEFFENBACHER’s clients with an even broader portfolio of solutions from this point of view.

Fluidized bed fire systems for solid fuels (including biomass), gas and steam turbines for electricity and steam production, as well as industrial waste heat systems can now be offered in addition to the traditional grate firing, which DIEFFENBACHER has been successfully using in energy systems for many years. With this acquisition, DIEFFENBACHER’s business sectors will be expanded because it will be possible to offer power plants in the future that can generate heat and electricity from a wide range of fuels, serving a variety of industries.

All necessary formalities to be completed by January

DIEFFENBACHER intends to hire all 150 employees, maintain the current product lineup, and use the current corporate headquarters in Bludenz (state of Vorarlberg). This will ensure a significant value-added component is still present in the area. The personnel’ current skill sets and cutting-edge technology mesh flawlessly with DIEFFENBACHER’s strategic focus. They are the ideal expansion of the company’s core Wood and Recycling business areas. According to CEO Christian Dieffenbacher of DIEFFENBACHER, the company plans to keep developing the site responsibly and with the adage of “reliability,” trying to give both customers and staff a long-term view.

Both Bertsch energy and DIEFFENBACHER operate in related markets and have previously collaborated to effectively complete customer projects. By the end of January, all required organisational steps should be completed to ensure employee integration and the continuation of DIEFFENBACHER’s ongoing Bertsch energy customer projects.

“Bertsch energy and DIEFFENBACHER are both family companies with a similar spirit. We are very much looking forward to working with our new employees and looking forward to a shared future,” concludes Christian Dieffenbacher.

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