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Decospan brings an inventive veneered beam: Astrata Slats

 Saturday, June 17, 2023

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Astrata slats are veneered beams used for aesthetic purposes inside. The wooden beams give the space vitality without becoming overpowering. “Astrata slats” can be ordered in the widest variety of woods and are always produced to order, starting at 150 equal pieces.

A supporting structure can be mounted to the three-sided beams. It can be accomplished in several ways, including glue, nails, wood dowels, or a groove and connecting lath. As alternatives, drilling or a groove can be offered. 

The four-sided beams can be utilised independently because they are veneered on all four sides. Thus, a space can be divided by a sequence of beams that create a semi-transparent wall.

Stain and lacquer that is ready to use

Slats that have already been finished and are prepared for usage. That gives you even greater installation time savings! Can be coupled with Parky floors and Shinnoki panels. Orders for different hues or types of wood can already be filled.

Decospan has already stated that their 150 pieces of astrata slats were sold!

Natural, untreated oak

The “Astrata slats” come with a real wood veneered surface that has been sanded. It lets you finish them according to your preferences using oil, stain, or lacquer to make them go in with the rest of the furniture and the project flawlessly. Quercus panels may be combined with them.

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