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Cyncly launches game-changing software for better work management

 Monday, July 17, 2023

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Cyncly is pleased to announce the release of its latest version of 2020 Office that will assist in streamlining the entire work process and offer better services. This update to the industry’s leading office design and specification suite of applications will change the way offices are designed. With a substantial overhaul to its Worksheet application and the introduction of Cut Sheets capability, Version 2023 of 2020 Office streamlines day-to-day work and eliminates two of the biggest hurdles in office design. Thus, the manufacturing industry takes a step ahead by enhancing efficiency in performance through advanced management system.

Presenting bids and getting client sign-offs represent two of the most time-consuming and tedious processes that a business involved in office design must handle. Through Cut Sheets, all the relevant information for each item included in a design is pulled together in single Microsoft PowerPoint slides to present to customers.

“With the introduction of Cut Sheets to Worksheet, we’re dramatically reducing the time it takes for designers to respond to customers,” says Amy Edington, 2020 Office Product Manager. “We had the opportunity to share this update at NeoCon, only a short time ago, and the early feedback we received was phenomenal. It’s very encouraging to know we’re able to provide a real advantage to our customers in such a competitive industry.”

“What we’ve done with 2020 Office has the potential to improve the efficiency of the entire industry,” says Edington. “It represents an enormous step forward for office design software, and we can’t wait to see how Cut Sheets, the Pricing Center and a total new look and feel are going to streamline business operations, improve pricing accuracy and make specifying easier for our customers.”

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