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ATMOS BALANCE- a flexible space saver

Published on :Friday, May 13, 2022

ATMOS BALANCE the swivel mechanism and chassis make the BALANCE a flexible space saver is equipped with three clamping lengths (2,540, 3,140 and 3,740 mm) and a clamping depth of 1,420 mm, the swiveling ATMOS BALANCE offers you large pressing surfaces with little space requirement. When swiveled, the membrane press is just 82 cm wide and you can even drive it through doors or narrow spaces in your company thanks to the integrated chassis. This gives you the great advantage of being able to use your vacuum press at any point in your production.

The extra stable base frame and the 18 mm HPL solid core worktop ensure an absolutely flat pressing surface even with heavier workpieces. The surface is also very resistant and can be cleaned very easily.

Many individual suction points and fine vacuum channels ensure perfect evacuation of the pressing chamber and make a vacuum distribution plate unnecessary. With a clamping dimension of 3,140 x 1,420 mm, for example, 24 suction points ensure that the pressing pressure is applied quickly and evenly to all parts of the workpiece.

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