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Anca shares “The Secrets to Lights Out Manufacturing”

 Friday, January 27, 2023

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ANCA, a leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, offers insights on “The Secrets to Lights Out Manufacturing,” as they discuss CNC machines and software & hardware for smart factories. What types of CNC machines will smart factories demand? Will software or hardware rule? Different types of CNC machines will appear in smart factories. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading and updating your machines.

Future factories need software as much as hardware
Software is the key. Smart factories that want the benefits of the IoT rely on connectivity. Machines must have access to software that connects them to an internal network, where every part of the system is able to interact. The right software is also a vital component in having different types of CNC machines “talk” to each other. Software on the machines allows them to send data to a central location, where it can be distributed in a form every machine – and person – can understand.

Some types of CNC machines can come with you on the journey
Factories update to the latest software and add on accessories that can be used in automation. This allows them to keep their factory running with minimal downtime and cost so their customer engagement is not disrupted. Functionality is always improving and expanding. The types of CNC machines installed fifteen years ago are now replaced by better, faster and more comprehensive models. As the machines improve so do their cutting processes and productivity, becoming faster, more precise, and easier to monitor. Refit or replace machines that will give you the quickest wins, updating your factory’s capability quickly and cost-effectively.

Closed-loop manufacturing is coming – with or without you
Brands compete in terms of specialisation, customer experience and time to market. CNC machines that make it easier to build to order will allow you to carry less stock, lower upfront costs and reduce inefficiencies. Market-leading smart factories need to know exactly what their customers need and that’s what newer machines will provide. Over the next 5-10 years, tool manufacturers will be using their technology to completely eliminate waste. This ‘closed-loop’ approach to manufacturing means only ordering and using exactly what you need.
There are many options for bringing your CNC machines into the future. Whether you retrofit software and accessories, or replace your machines with the latest models, you’re investing in a future that’s efficient, connected and more profitable.

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