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AMF Clamping complex now free-form components with flexibility and process

 Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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With an intelligently configured set of over 100 system elements, the clamping experts of AMF, are reacting to the needs of many manufacturing companies that talked about the issue. Based on special T-slot base plates in three different sizes and with vertical and cross-axes, support and clamping elements, users put together solutions for every conceivable clamping situation and for every individual free-form workpiece. Base elements with especially designed hexagonal T-nuts ensure a higher load capacity.

The base plates in the dimensions 400 x 280, 475 x 350 or 550 x 380 mm can also be clamped to the machine table with AMF zero-point clamping modules of size 20. The vertical axes brace the component at every height between 60 and 220 mm. In this way, finishers achieve the necessary height and accessibility for five-sided processing without interfering contours on corresponding 5-axis machines. With cross-axes and support and stop elements, we get closer to the workpiece and secure it against vibrations without clamping it. Then the component is fixed through compact clamping elements for processing. These clamping elements have a clamping force of up to 2.5 kN and a clamping stroke of 3 mm. And all of this with process reliability and repetition accuracy.

A wide variety of support and compression pieces are inserted into the clamping elements for ideal contact with the component. The construction kit contains over 30 of them. These can be square supports, clamping points, V-block supports or clamping elements. In this way, operators achieve maximum degrees of freedom in all levels and still with precisely defined positions. The holding forces can be applied not just horizontally, but also vertically.

With a set-up plan and CAD data, clamping free-form workpieces in a set-up-time optimised, repetition accurate and process reliable way

The new construction kit of modular clamping equipment for free-form clamping from AMF is convincing in all matters related to the clamping of small and medium-sized series of freely formed workpieces. It plays no role whether it’s used for castings, additively manufactured parts or plastic parts. Through the endless combination possibilities, all conceivable shapes can be clamped for further processing or finishing on a 5-axis machining centre. Through automatic pre-fixing in every position, handling is simple and practical. Creation of set-up plans through inclusion of available CAD data saves much additional time. Delivery in a case makes sense. Users will be reminded of the construction kits they enjoyed as children.

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