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ACIMALL joins forces with Acimac, Amaplast, and Ucima to form “Confindustria Macchine”

 Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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In a significant move to bolster the Italian industrial machinery sector, ACIMALL, the association representing Italian wood and furniture technology manufacturers, has announced the formation of a new federation, “Confindustria Macchine.” This decision emerged from the recent general assembly held on June 3 at the headquarters in Baggiovara, Modena, shared with Acimac and Ucima.

Birth of a New Federation

This new federation, officially named “Federazione Confindustria Macchine per Ceramica, Legno, Plastica e Gomma, Imballaggio e Confezionamento,” aims to unify the representation of several industries within Confindustria. It encompasses sectors including ceramic, wood, plastic, rubber, and packaging technologies. The goal is to strengthen their collective influence within Italy’s political and economic spheres.

Enhanced Services and Stronger Representation

The creation of Confindustria Macchine signifies more than just a merger; it’s the first step toward offering expanded services and a renewed strategic vision for its members. The federation will represent approximately 1,300 companies, employ over 70,000 people, and generate a combined turnover of 19 billion euros. With over 75% of this revenue coming from exports, the federation will significantly enhance Italy’s trade balance.

Benefits for ACIMALL Member Associations

ACIMALL, alongside Acimac (ceramics technology), Amaplast (plastics machinery), and Ucima (packaging technology), will benefit from shared resources, increased consulting, and training opportunities. This collaboration is designed to provide comprehensive support and advocacy, helping these industries thrive in both domestic and international markets.

A Vision for the Future

The establishment of Confindustria Macchine reflects a strategic vision to create a more robust, interconnected industrial machinery sector in Italy. This new entity aims to offer enhanced services and a unified voice, positioning its member associations for future growth and success.

“It’s time to make new choices that help the manufacturers of instrumental goods face a more and more competitive market with smarter tools”, said Acimall president Enrico Aureli, one of the first supporters of this ambitious project.

“The partnership with Acimac, Amaplast and Ucima – which we are confident will be joined by other associations of the Federmacchine galaxy we will continue to collaborate with – will help us represent our positions even more effectively in an increasingly global scenario, where the challenge from China and other emerging countries must be faced with equal rules for everyone. Not only: together, we will give broader responses to the challenging topic of the green transition of our companies, and the countless new issues that our entrepreneurs must face in a world that presents more and more complex challenges”.

During the assembly, the association approved the final balance and presented the balance of its operating branch Cepra.

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