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Wooden construction to surprise Sweden

Published On : November 25, 2021

Veidekke ASA to build innovation wooden building in Lund Sweden. Veidekke has been commissioned by Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB to build Space (Kunskapen 1) in Lund, Sweden. Among the first in Lund’s new Science Village, the innovation building will house offices …

Resource-saving adhesives from Jowat

Published On : November 18, 2021

Resource-saving adhesives made by Jowat. Jowat supplies solutions, which reduce adhesive consumption and can be processed at low application temperatures, to support a sustainable and cost-efficient production.

LEUCO: New Finger Joint Cutters

Published On : November 17, 2021

Flexible use with high performance With a new finger geometry, LEUCO is adding an innovative cutter to its program that can be used with both fiber-containing and fiberless PU glue. The cutter is ideal for companies that make joints with …

New automatic spraying line by Giardina Group

Published On : November 15, 2021

Giardina Group, the Figino Serenza-based painting and finishing solutions provider, presents its latest fully automated line dedicated to spray painting, perfect for painting panels and doors, capable of completing a side in just one minute.

Cookiemizer Clamping Jig – A smart attachment for sawmill

Published On : November 9, 2021

Wood cookies may be now safely and efficiently made for walkway steps, small tabletops, and other decorative or practical items.

Raute R3 series – the new kid in the block

Published On : November 8, 2021

Raute’s new technology Veneer Peeling Line R3, is the 100% electrically operated spindleless Raute Veneer Peeling Line R3 peels high-quality veneer from start to core, allowing you to make the most of small diameter blocks of hardwood and softwood.

Sophisticated coating technology from BÜRKLE

Published On : November 5, 2021

As a producer of furniture, wood-based panels, kitchens, doors or flooring, fulfill customers´ desire for sophisticated and high-quality design. The contact-free spray coating technology also allows you to coat non-flat workpieces with an optimum surface result. In addition, with individually …

Siva Coatings presents new water-based finishes

Published On : November 1, 2021

Siva Coatings recently launches new water-based finishes IDROLACK PLUS LWT65x.

Schmalz expands FXP/FMP large-area gripper series

Published On : October 26, 2021

Schmalz is expanding the FXP/FMP large-area gripper series with intelligent functions and an IO-Link communication interface. This allows the universal gripper to supply important data for process monitoring to the smartphone, the cloud or the higher-level controller.

Felix Schoeller presents new packaging portfolio

Published On : October 26, 2021

The Felix Schoeller Group is expanding its packaging product portfolio. With PrimePaper and FlexPaper, it offers sustainable packaging solutions with high paper quality, excellent printability and optimal product protection for a wide variety of applications.

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