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New advanced saw for complex circuit boards from IMA SCHELLING

 Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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IMA SCHELLING advanced saw for circuit board

IMA SCHELLING loves to bring challenges and revolution to the woodworking industry. This time they have brought something special – a special saw for the production of demanding circuit boards. It takes the proverbial kid gloves to ensure that wafer-thin copper laminates can be cut precisely and error-free to the format of electronic circuit boards. To meet these requirements, IMA Schelling Precision has developed a sawing system with fully automated loading.

The sensitive copper laminates require extremely precise and gentle processing that leaves neither scratches nor kinks, nor any burrs, dust or grease residues. What was previously done primarily manually with great effort is now completely taken over by the fp6 sawing system specially designed by IMA Schelling Precision.

Special automation solution for sawing in the clean room

For efficient and careful processing of the copper laminates, IMA Schelling Precision has designed a saw with automated loading consisting of a lifting table, vacuum loading and paper extractor. A powerful extraction system ensures residue-free machining – including dust protection, which creates a tight extraction channel over the entire length of the pressure beam. Designed for cutting laminate in the clean room required for this. The associated alignment table also prevents damage through alignment without stops.

The saw concept offers the high cutting quality expected from IMA Schelling Precision and works without burrs. For subsequent reuse of the panels, a corner rounding device rounds off the sharp corners after cutting.

Precise and independent processing of the laminates

Packages are sawn from several copper laminates stacked on top of each other, reinforced by a base and cover plate. The machine operator first cuts the laminates on the pallets on all four sides, then the laminates move into the machine. The paper extractor recognizes the layers of paper between the stacks of plates and sorts them out independently. The vacuum gripper then uses a suction cup to place the individual copper laminates on the stopless alignment table.

As soon as all the laminates have been positioned on the base board and the cover board has been placed, the cutting begins – with the fp6 type saw from IMA Schelling Precision, it is extremely precise and scratch-free, smear-free and almost 100% dust-free. While the cut copper laminates leave the machine, the vacuum feeder automatically prepares a new laminate package for sawing.

For laminate thicknesses under 0.1 millimeters that cannot be fed automatically, IMA Schelling Precision offers a preparation table with air cushion technology for manual handling, which allows the extremely flat panels to glide safely over the work area.

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