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World BioEconomy Forum 2020 gears up for a virtual edition

 Tuesday, September 1, 2020

In the middle of these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the Advisory Board has made the responsible decision to move World BioEconomy Forum online. By doing so, World BioEconomy Forum will reach out to its followers from all over the world on September 10, 2020. The program will be streamed live from Finland. World BioEconomy Forum 2020 will underline the relevance of the bioeconomy resources.

Session 1: Regulators and climate change
Session 2: Global Leaders and Financial World
Session 3: Bioproducts around us
Session 4: Looking to the Future

The concept of the bio-economy has gained political and economic importance worldwide in recent years. Bio-economy describes the path from an economy based on fossil and mineral raw materials to an economic form that uses biological resources, processes and systems. As one of the world’s most important renewable resources, wood has a central role to play in this process. It must be noted here, Green Material Processing has been chosen as one of the focus topics for LIGNA 2021. LIGNA organisers are highlighting the economic and technological innovations arising from the new processing and finishing options for timber as a key renewable resource.

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