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Wood-Mizer pioneering in sustainable sawmilling

 Thursday, October 13, 2022

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Wood-Mizer is breaking new grounds as a global manufacturer of sawmills and wood-processing equipment with a keen understanding of ecological and environmental issues. They have been encouraging and instructing sawmillers to follow the principles of a circular economy, which stipulate that every single log should be utilised responsibly, that no logs should be felled if they are not needed, and that new trees should be planted as frequently as feasible.

Hundreds of visitors witnessed Wood-Mizer’s sawmilling products on display at the UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow. They were interested in learning how Wood-Mizer helps people build homes sustainably, restores them in disaster-damaged areas, or prevents urban wood from being used as firewood or compost.

“The mobile LT40 sawmill first brought to Europe in the 1990s offered a new way of sawmilling. People couldn’t believe that the sawmill bed would hold the weight of a large log, but to their surprise, the LT40 was cutting such logs into boards and beams without much effort. Our customers could get significantly more timber from a single log than expected. For the industry, it was not just a breakthrough. It was a revolution!” remembers Dariusz Kujawa, Customer Service Department Manager and one of Wood-Mizer’s most experienced employees with a career starting with the company in the early 1990s.

The operator may get more timber from each log by using the original thin-kerf Wood-Mizer sawmill blades while producing the least amount of sawdust. Owners of Wood-Mizer sawmills are committed to efficient resource management, lower energy use, and gentler treatment of the environment. The use of thin-kerf sawmill blades, the advantages of a mobile sawmill, and the use of affordable and effective sawmill engines are the three primary technical solutions that demonstrate our products are environmentally sound. All Wood-Mizer sawmills employ thin-kerf blade technology, which uses blades that are only a few millimetres thick and saws a very thin slice off the log. A sawmill operator can get more timber out of each log and waste less sawdust by using a thin, narrow blade, which minimises the number of trees needed to produce the same quantity of wood. Sawdust and woodchips that would typically go to waste are reduced with Wood-Mizer sawmill blades (less energy is consumed in the process of sawmilling).

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