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WOOD-MIZER introduces new LT70 heavy-duty sawmill

 Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Wood-Mizer has successfully combined the best features of two well-proven sawmills into one new product. The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY sawmill produces timber on an industrial level with the ease of a professional LT70 sawmill operation.

The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY sawmill combines the advanced cutting head from the LT70 Professional sawmill that produces exceptional cutting results together with the state-of-the-art heavy-duty sawmill bed from the Wood-Mizer WM4000 industrial thin-kerf sawmill. This combination produces a high-quality timber product at high speeds with easy operation. “The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY operators report, that their productivity has been greatly increased due to ease of operation and log processing speed,” says Hubert Powietrzynski, the Wood-Mizer Europe Head of Sales.

The well-proven LT70 sawing head is offered in two widths – STANDARD for logs up to 95 cm in diameter, and WIDE for logs up to 105 cm in diameter. The standard version can produce boards 73 cm wide, whereas with the wider sawing head the board width capacity increases to 86 cm. The head features standard board return arms that remove sawn slabs onto the outfeed conveyor for increased efficiency.

The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY uses 38-50 mm wide and 4670 mm long blades, and the LT70WIDE HEAVY-DUTY requires 38 mm wide and 5000 mm length blades. Blade performance is improved by the electrically adjustable blade guide arm and the automatic blade lubrication system, resulting in extending blade life and increasing blade stability while cutting various sized materials. Optionally, the saw head can be equipped with a debarker to extend blade life and a laser sight for precision sawing.

The standard LT70 HEAVY-DUTY comes with a remote operator station that can be set up in the most convenient place anywhere around the sawmill. For automatic setting of board thickness, the operator station includes the well-known, fast and accurate SW10 Setworks or optional PLC1, PLC2, or Accuset 2.

The HEAVY-DUTY sawmills are built on a large and strong bed, which includes a robust central log clamp on two rods, an absorption roller and a short conveyor belt. The bed is supported by a Super Hydraulics package, designed for quick and easy handling of logs as heavy as 3 tons. A heavy-duty 5.5 kW hydraulic pump effectively powers log handling functions with two power rollers on double cylinders for easier positioning of the log on the bed rails, a bi-directional chain turner for swift rotating of heavy logs, and three double vertical supports for providing more stability for clamping and turning the log. The bed configuration can be upgraded by an additional bed section (0,9 or 3,6 m long), log-loading deck, sorting table or raised legs of the bed to integrate into existing sawmilling systems.

“The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY is a powerful sawmill on a strong and sturdy bed construction which effectively processes massive heavy logs. The optional leg kit raises the bed frame and makes cleaning under the bed much easier,” – tells Hubert Powietrzynski. “The sawmill bed is equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic system allowing to manipulate big logs much quicker resulting in overall productivity growth. That’s why industrial high volume timber production enterprises have appreciated the LT70 HEAVY-DUTY capacity so much”. Hubert concluded.

The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY in now available to order in Europe, Asia, Africa, America.

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