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Wood Awards 2022 sets new milestones

 Monday, September 5, 2022

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The UK’s domestic timber industry and the wood suppliers featured exciting talent from  some of the country’s top architects, engineers, product designers,  and furniture makers in the Wood Awards 2022. Out of the more than 200 designs submitted, 32 emerged as the final shortlisted. These designs definitely paved the way for new milestones for the woodworking industry, and some of them include: 

Fenland Black Oak CIO by Mauro Dell’Orco, with many others


A table was created from 13-metre-long planks that were cut from an exceptional piece of 5000-year-old Bog Oak. Designers, manufacturers, and students banded together to preserve this ancient piece. The project serves as an educational tool and a catalyst for awe at the size of these ancient trees. Beautifully crafted, it almost seems to float above the stunning phosphor bronze base that is supported by two slim wheeled pedestals that form a long, curving spine.

Chord Chair by Sam Whyman


The woven lumbar support of this student design, which combines current and Danish mid-century design influences, provides robust but gentle support for the lower back.

This student design has a woven lumbar support that offers firm but gentle support for the lower back, fusing Danish mid-century style with contemporary inspiration. Each leg is made of solid oak, and the back legs’ profiles were made using CNC templates to make spindle moulder jigs.

ABBA Arena by Stufish (Architect) and Atelier One, Joe Clifton and Corbett & Tasker (Architects)

Commercial and Leisure

At ABBA Arena, the largest demountable musical venue in the world that includes an auditorium, a rainscreen, and front of house amenities, timber is being used to transport spectators on a musical voyage. An outside larch timber “Rainscreen,” is made up of 1400 finger-jointed larch fins and covers the arena, to the four-story tall sitting area composed of 1650 unique cross-laminated panels, each up to 9.9 metres long. It extends into the “Front of House,” where a hybrid canopy made of steel and spruce glulam covers the main concourse area. LED illumination is included within the glulam beams of the geometric roof structure, which is made up of twenty-four 10 m diameter hexagonal canopies.

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