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WINTERSTEIGER to present range of thin-cutting band saws at Xylexpo

 Wednesday, April 27, 2016

wintersteigerAt the upcoming Xylexpo fair in Milan from May 24 to 28, WINTERSTEIGER is going to present a wide range of services: Thin-cutting band saws with various cutting widths.
The entry-level model, thin-cutting band saw DSB Compact 310 and the the DSB Single Head 660 will be represented.

In the thin-cutting band saws, the force is on the blade guide and the distance between saw blade and saw belt. Below a certain tolerance range exceeded – by potential lifting of the guides and bleeding in the wood – the material feed will automatically stop and the wood remains in the current position. After removing the cause of the feed can be started again and the machine goes into the normal operation mode. Stopping the saw prevents a greater deviation.

Other advantages:

•  Blade guard
The loss of blade tension by overstretching is prevented.
•  Machine protection
The machine components are protected, because the feed or the machine is stopped during running of the saw.
•  Material protection
The running of the saw is measured early and tolerance conditions and Committee be reduced by.

Also present at the fair is going to be, the proven Dünnschnitt- frame saw DSG Notum that shines with a kerf from 0.7 mm.

The subject wood surface repair is represented with the semi-automatic TRC-M Easy. The blades of its own design and production, both for the wood-cutting as well as the product line Banso may not be missing, they make us a complete supplier.


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