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Versowood Oy signs an effective contract with Varte Lahti Oy

 Friday, May 31, 2024

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Versowood Oy signs an effective contract with Varte Lahti Oy

Versowood Oy signed an agreement with Varte Lahti Oy for the construction of Versowood’s new headquarters in Vierumäki. This particular agreement was signed in May 30, 2024. The works will start in Vierumäki in May and the site will be completed by the end of 2025.

Varte Lahti is currently in the process of constructing a two-story wooden office building for Versowood, a leading wood processing company. The building’s load-bearing frame structure, encompassing both intermediate and upper floors, is composed of glulam. Additionally, Versowood’s King panel will serve as the facade cladding for the structure. The site spans 3,173 square meters with a volume of 15,700 cubic meters.

” The new premises will offer a modern and new kind of work environment for the employees, and it will also serve as a new landmark of the factory area and a gate for guests as well. In the construction project of the office, we will test new types of glulam structural joints and a wooden office concept that can be transformed as needed ,” says Ville Kopra, CEO of Versowood Oy .

” It’s great that we get to implement Versowood’s new headquarters. It is an exceptionally fine object and at the same time a continuation of our company’s wood construction projects. The cooperation with Versowood is off to a great start ,” says Juha Sankari , CEO of Varte Lahti .

Versowood stands as Finland’s premier private sawnwood producer and processor, renowned for its steadfast wood trade operations and the manufacture of a diverse range of products. From planed and impregnated sawnwood to glulam, wooden bridges, posts, packaging materials, wood coils, pallets, and wood pellets, Versowood ensures a comprehensive array of offerings crafted from domestic wood sources. With nearly 900 employees spread across 14 locations in Finland and one in Estonia, the company’s reach extends globally, with exports reaching almost 70 countries.

At the heart of Versowood’s ethos lie key pillars of operation: unwavering delivery reliability, uncompromising quality, cost efficiency, meticulous logistics, and unwavering customer focus. Grounded in a fervent belief in fostering a passionate outlook on life, prioritising employee well-being, ensuring customer satisfaction, and championing sustainability, Versowood remains committed to shaping a brighter future. The company with fresh developments is further moving towards its aims and motives.

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