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UPM Plywood to showcase WISA plywood products

 Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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UPM Plywood to showcase WISA plywood products

UPM Plywood has decided to frame a selection of WISA Plywood panels to display them as the works of art. The company will also be available in the blue lounge of a fair, to showcase a gallery of beautiful sustainable plywood products.

The exhibition pays tribute to wood: the world’s only renewable building material and the main raw material in UPM’s WISA plywood. This is the way of showing the company’s appreciation for this remarkable material, wood.

It starts in the forest
The story of a WISA plywood panel starts in the forest. After growing there for decades, spruce and birch trees are harvested responsibly to safeguard and increase the forest’s biodiversity and positive climate impact. UPM knows where all its wood originates while it plants more trees than what is harvested.

When treated with respect, the forest is an inexhaustible resource. Healthy forests are effective carbon sinks and provide a home for thousands of species, while continuously providing us with a renewable alternative to fossil raw materials.

Nothing is wasted
The finest parts of the wood become plywood and timber. Excess material is used to make pulp for paper production, and residue streams from the pulping process are refined into feedstock for biobased plastic, fertilisers, adhesives, fuels and other renewable alternatives to fossil-based products.

Carefully designed to utilise the full potential of the wood raw material, the plywood manufacturing process is all about producing more with less. The by-products of the process, such as bark and fuel chips, are used as biofuel at the mills’ bio-boilers that generate the heat required at the mill. The heat used at UPM’s plywood mills is almost exclusively produced by bioenergy.

in addition to its own energy production, the mill also use purchased electricity. By 2024, all UPM Plywood mills will only purchase fossil carbon-free electricity.

Long-lasting renewable products
The spruce and birch logs supplied to UPM Plywood’s mills are refined into long-lasting products that provide an alternative to materials made from fossil raw materials. A wood product, such as plywood, stores the sequestrated carbon throughout its lifetime.
The longer the lifetime, the better for the climate.

The gift that keeps on giving
UPM’s production processes are constantly improved. Getting the most out of what wood has to offer is crucial for reaching a future beyond fossils. An example of this is WISA BioBond which is already a standard in all WISA-Spruce plywood. It replaces a minimum of 50% of the fossil-based phenol in the plywood’s glue with bio-based lignin, the tree’s own natural adhesive.

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