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Timber prices increased in the third quarter of 2023

 Thursday, November 2, 2023

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During the third quarter of 2023, delivery timber prices for both sawn timber and pulpwood increased in comparison with the second quarter of 2023. The price of sawn timber increased by just under 8 percent and pulpwood by just under 6 percent.

The biggest increase in the price of pulpwood can be found in Svealand and Götaland with 6 percent. Pulpwood prices in Södra Norrland increased by 2 percent, while pulpwood prices in Northern Norrland were basically unchanged. Regionally, sawn timber prices increased the most in Svealand with just over 11 percent, followed by Götaland with just over 7 percent. Also in Norra Norrland, the sawn timber price increased by just under 1 percent, while in Södra Norrland it decreased by just under 1 percent.

Continued rise when compared with the third quarter of 2022

Even when the comparison is made against the third quarter of 2022, increasing timber prices are visible. Overall, the sawn timber price increased by roughly 14 percent. Regionally, there is an increase of 16 percent in Svealand, 14 percent in Götaland and 4 and 8 percent in Södra and Norra Norrland respectively.

The price of pulpwood increased as a whole by 37 percent when compared to the third quarter of 2022. The increase was greatest in Svealand with just over 46 percent, followed by Södra and Norra Norrland with just under 39 and 36 percent respectively. In Götaland, pulpwood prices increased by just over 30 percent.

Source: skogsstyrelsen.se

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