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Tece –Kornospan partners to create express edgebanding collection

 Monday, December 5, 2022

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Tece’s express edgebanding collection is now ready. Collaboration between Tece Décor and Kronospan encourages the latest development of the Express Edgebanding Collection. “Thanks to our collaboration with Kronospan, we are happy to announce that we are already ready with latest edgebanding collection of Kronospan Global Collection.” In addition to the existing colours, they have further developed and added all new shades possible.

The all new edgebanding that will help designers to be more creative in their designs is now more colourful and more advanced than ever. Today, colours are everything for panel producers. The complexity of colours has reached at a new level. Imitating wood, stone or nature has been the main driving force in developing new decors by paper producers and panel producers.

“We are pleased to announce that we made an official alliance with Kronospan to be one of their authorized edgebanding distributor in the world. With this official agreement, our collections are checked and approved by Kronospan staff which gives the confidence to their customers that TECE will supply identical matching edgebanding to their boards.

We have been producing full Kronospan collection for almost 4 years. Since that time, we have been supplying the exact edgebanding matchings of Kronospan worldwide. Both colors and textures are produced identical to have unified look in final furniture between their panels and TECE edgebanding.”

Quality edgebanding will be available in anywhere in the world

Through this partnership Kronospan customers around the world will get the correct edgebanding worldwide. And their expertise in colormatching and exporting will make it possible for any Kronospan customer to obtain the necessary edgebanding without any hassle.

The range is perfectly matched for colour and texture with Kronospan’s panels, aluminum boards, gloss and matt products. And the colour collection is updated regularly based on the new designs from the panel producer.

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