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Tece Dekor announces design trends in 2023

 Friday, January 6, 2023

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Today’s global design trends are getting simpler and evolving into a language that everyone can understand. In line with this trend, the furniture sector, which has its share of natural and plain colours, will stand at a more special and simple point. In this period, where personalisation and customisation gain importance, the trend is mostly met between individual features and natural colours. In this period, where one can choose the colour, pattern and material, it will be a moment when the user may see the colours and patterns that will reflect individual soul on the furniture more often. This is enabled thanks to the big range of colour selection.

“In this year’s trend, we will watch the meeting of soft colours that attract attention with more natural colours. For example, while the chassis parts of the furniture are mostly made of natural patterns and colours, their fabrics and detail lines will be designed mostly from combinations of soft colours such as baby blue, lavender purple or sun orange. The combination of these colours will provide the individual characteristics of the users and the atmosphere they want to create, together with more spacious and interesting designs in the interior.”

These colour combinations will be mostly in common areas, as well as in more personal areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, there will be more patterns and stone colours available in the market.

Turning more responsible, Tece mentions that “as the Tece design team, we are ready to produce perfectly matching colors to every design and pattern. Our goal is to help furniture designers and producers to have a uniform product with panel and edgebanding seamlessly connected. Because it is important for us how a piece of furniture not only looks stylish and design, but also how it makes its user feeling.”

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