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Siempelkamp extends support to improve Japanese manufacturing quality

Published on : Monday, September 16, 2019

Siempelkamp now supports the largest Japanese particleboard maker with its advanced technology for the new plant at the foot of Fuji Mountain. The new joint venture between the furniture manufacturer Eidai Co., Ltd. and Japan Novopan Industrial Company Ltd., extends their trusts on Siempelkamp team to enhance business relationship. Trusting expertise of Siempelkamp will now help the Japanese brand accelerate their technological competence and business in the local market with the production from the new wood based panel plant.



The order for a new production plant at the foot of Japan’s famous landmark, Mount Fuji, ranges from wood preparation to final production including the overall planning of the plant. Japan Novopan Industrial Company Ltd has been the quality leader among Japanese engineered wood manufacturers for decades and has positioned itself in the local market. Most recently, the company entered into a joint venture with Eidai Co., Ltd. and established the new company “ENboard”. Together, the two companies are thus regarded as joint market leaders in the Japanese engineered wood industry.



Japan Novopan looks back on a long business relationship with Siempelkamp. About 10 years ago, the company bought a complete plant, made in Krefeld and now once again placed its trust in the team of the time, which has maintained a close relationship with the company for many years. The order includes not only the overall plant planning, but also all core machines for wood processing technology, energy generation and drying as well as classification and gluing systems. Siempelkamp also supplies the forming and press lines as well as the board handling systems. The heart of the new plant is a7 ft x 47.1 m ContiRoll®Generation 9 press including a so-called PMDI package (PMDI=polymers of diphenylmethanediisocyanates). The plant is to be operated mainly with recycled wood and will mainly serve the local market with formaldehyde-free bonded, particularly heavy chipboard. Japan Novopan uses the proven ContiRoll technology with adapted pressure curve as well as the indirect drying technology from Büttner. The new plant will be built in a prominent position in the Shizuoka prefecture at the foot of Fuji Mountain, Japan’s World Heritage Site and landmark.





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