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Live. HOMAG- Onsite or Online

Published on : Monday, September 21, 2020

Christian Schulten, Director, Marketing and Communications HOMAG speak on Live.HOMAG about the hybrid event format for HOMAG Treff 2020, and introduced the key topics and easy registration process. HOMAG looks forward to bring practical solutions in a hybrid way. In an exclusive interview with Apratim Ghoshal, Editor-in-Chief, Wood & Panel, Christian Schulten, Director, Marketing and Communications HOMAG, mentioned that the online is the way forward as the world is still fighting the virus threat and face to face shows are far from happening.

The hybrid format is flexible and participants may choose and attend from 500 events, and stay connected with customers around the globe. He further added that HOMAG will conduct the show from different locations and host an absolute safe, sophisticated and hygienic event on the virtual platform. He further added that the registration process is easy and anyone can join by visiting the site and filling up the registration form. Besides this, in case, anyone misses any session, he even gets an opportunity to explore the content of the event from the recording section. Anyone can visit the pre-recorded section and explore recordings on his preferred topic. Listeners are free to choose their participation, participating location and even control the topic of discussions in this new hybrid format Live.HOMAG. HOMAG has designed a unique platform to stay connected with customers and upgrade users about their upcoming technology, machinery and product innovations in the pipeline.  

HOMAG TREFF 2020: happy to connect in a hybrid way

Christian Schulten, also enlightened the audience about their press conference that is scheduled on the 23rd Sept. which will mainly concentrate on topic like business situation, feature their large service portfolio, and latest inputs in the service activities and also talk about reference projects that will be interesting to the customers, that includes one of the automated plants that is using the latest software technologies. The product like data transparency approach and various advancements that will be featured in the manufacturing and data management segment will be the highlights of the discussion. In the consulting unit HOMAG has products to undergo cost analysis that will present an optimised overview of the overhead cost of the product in the beginning of the work. Thus, provide a comprehensive overview of the cost required. Data transparency approach will allow in having comprehensive analysis of the inter-logistic processes and this will allow in laying out the workshop or factory in a more optimal way. These products will accelerate efficiency of the customers and give practical solutions to their manufacturing hazards.

In the Edge processing technology he stated that they have fine-tuned the pressure units to maintain accurate pressure on the small parts while running through the machine. The new smart optimising approach will lead to a smart way to optimise the entire process. He has also hinted on how they have improved the sawing technology and is gearing up to upgrade the manufacturing industry in a smart way.

On business update and digital assistance, Schulten mentioned that though at the initial stage of pandemic the customers were apprehensive and the business suffered, however now the situation is taking slow positive turn which by the end of the year may be even better with the rising activity of their customers. And slowly the businesses are growing and HOMAG has managed well.

HOMAG Treff 2020 in this new hybrid format called Live.HOMAG, will create new opportunities and allow customers to choose and learn about products in a detailed way.  Pandemic has created exciting challenges and HOMAG is coming up with the digital way as one of the best ways to reconnect and recover business amidst new-normal.

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