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Rolf Rissel relies on HOMAG saw-storage combinations:

Published on : Saturday, November 14, 2020

Rolf Rissel, a furnisher from Berlin, has recently upgraded the beginning of its production chain with a saw-storage combination from HOMAG.

Saw-storage combinations offer users a number of benefits: throughput, quality, ergonomics, transparency and the ability to display the utilisation factor of materials to name just a few. For Rolf Rissel Objekteinrichtungen GmbH in Berlin, one aspect in particular has stood out since the commissioning of its new HOMAG system: the new pace of production.

The Berlin-based company Rolf Rissel operates from Spandau in Berlin, designs complete concepts that it then implements in their entirety. A series of interior architects, designers, wood engineers and master carpenters are responsible for ensuring that every single customer requirement is met, even those for logo development or external advertising. The company offers a comprehensive service while also meeting individual customer requirements, providing both the ideas and the implementation of these ideas. “Transforming emotions into custom wood, glass and metal structures is at the heart of what we do,” stresses Managing Director and proprietor Karl Löffl.

Rissel recently took a significant step in improving the beginning of its production chain: Installing a saw-storage combination from HOMAG. “We had a horizontal saw before,” remembers Löffl. “But over the years, it had become very imprecise. And the storage technology no longer met modern standards either. On some days, we had to spend more time moving panels with a forklift truck than we could on cutting. So we were keen to improve performance in storage and sawing.” In this case, improving performance meant installing automatic panel storage for stacking 600 to 1000 panels, improving access for truck deliveries, automatic return to storage from a specific panel size, “and, very importantly for us, offcuts storage with a management system and strict organization.”

Rissel improved performance in panel cutting by installing their own SAWTEQ B-300. “As the basic model for series 3, the pressure beam saw is designed for batch size 1 production and the production of smaller series. At the same time, it is designed to cut single panels and panel stacks made from all standard materials, for which it uses an 80 mm saw blade projection,” reports Thomas Nesemeier, Sales Manager North at the HOMAG Group. Speeds of 130 m/min on the saw carriage and 90 m/min on the program fence enable a high level of productivity in division processes. The basis is a main saw motor that provides a power of 11 kW. At Rissel, the SAWTEQ B-300 allows lengths of up to 3200 mm to be cut.

When it comes to cutting, the SAWTEQ B-300 has almost doubled throughput. This new pace is perfect for the healthcare sector.

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