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“Road to excellence”- 30years of CQA-CATAS quality award

 Monday, September 25, 2023

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30th anniversary of the CQA-Catas Quality Award marks the success of product certification in the wood and furniture. Following several criterions till now, around 200 products have been certified by Catas. CATAS Quality Award is the product certification mark for the wood and furniture supply chain, formaldehyde emissions, coating systems, laminated wood profiles for windows up to furniture products celebrate 30 years of excellence in the respective industry.

 “Catas has always been able to respond proactively and effectively to the needs of the Friulian, Italian and international manufacturing world,” said Lucia Cristina Piu, president of Catas, opening the event. “This has always been, since its origins, Catas’ approach to companies and the territory. The CQA-Catas Quality Award also lies in this groove, when it was decided to synthesise the profound knowledge and skills that have been acquired up to that point in the realisation of this severe test. This was done on the basis of national and international standards, with the express purpose of enabling companies to obtain a quality certificate for their product.

Our certificate has met the needs expressed and has enabled many entrepreneurs to export to the most demanding markets and to acquire important orders for Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italy”.

Around fifty companies – both Italian and foreign – have chosen to certify their products with CQA, and many of them gatherd today not only to celebrate the anniversary, but above all to learn more about the contents and qualities of Catas certification.

“This day has a special significance for us,” added Franco Bulian, Managing Director of Catas. “A lot of water has passed under the bridge since 1990, when we were the reference laboratory for formaldehyde emission tests for a very famous German institute. Three years later, prompted by several Italian manufacturers, we decided to “go it alone” and set up our own certification process, again based on international rules. A success that then led us to focus our knowledge on paint products (to date, there are about forty coating systems for exteriors and interiors certified by Catas in Italy and abroad), on laminated wood profiles for the production of windows and doors frames and, since 2018, on the certification of the Italian origin of furniture “Made in Italy by Catas”.

In his speech, Bulian also emphasised how Catas certification – born, as already mentioned, from a precise and strong necessity of the companies – has a triple value: technical, because it is based on tests; objective, because the requirements are described by certification regulations and national and international standards; and distinctive, because it immediately places the certified product in a prominent position compared to others.

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