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Revolutionary solution from ENAiKOON – ‘Locate- 18 Remote Monitoring’

 Thursday, April 27, 2017

enaikoonTimber theft in the forestry industry has become a major problem in many countries in the world. According to a study conducted in Thünen Institute, almost 6% of all wood import in EU could be assumed to originate from illegal sources.


The effective solution has been found in the form of ENAiKOON locate-18: a locating device that can be tracked down with GPS. With the use of GPS signal, the route of the load can be easily monitored. The device has a tube-shaped housing and is placed directly into the tree trunk. This way, timber-thieves can be caught in the act of loading the stolen goods in any form of transport.


An undercover device that prevents timber theft

With the ENAiKOON locate-18 module, an innovative tracking device has been conceived. It contains an adjustable motion sensor, a GPS receiver for tracking and a SIM card for GPRS transmission. Its long-lasting batteries, waterproof housing and successfully proven telematics software make it an indispensable companion for every wood load. The device is developed, tested and Made in Germany.


This meticulous innovation works impeccably thanks to the GPS antenna’s emplacement that ensures a potent and uninterrupted radio signal that remains undeterred even during weak GPS signal transmission. ENAiKOON locate-18 has replaceable batteries that allow quick replacement in the field, no professional assistance or training is required.


There is also no limitation to the number of batteries that can be attached to the device. You can attach one or more battery modules to the electronics, depending on the desired durability. One battery lasts up to 10 years and provides energy for 2,500 GPS position reports. Users can check position and collect re-ports as many times per day/month/year as necessary.


enaikoon 2Straightforward to install and easy to remove

ENAiKOON locate-18 is easy to install and suitable for all trunk types. First, drill a 40 mm diameter hole in-to the log and simply insert the device. Use a wooden disk to cover the hole to ensure that the installed de-vice is not visible to potential thieves. Once the timber is ready for further processing and transport, just remove the wooden disc cover and the device can be simply pulled out of the trunk using the plastic handle mounted to the device and be reused for the next log.


Detect timber theft with motion sensor and geofence

There are two methods to detect timber theft, which include motion sensor and geofence. ENAiKOON locate-18 has a ‘3D G-sensor’ that detects motion or shock from loading or moving of timber. If the log with the device leaves or reaches a geofence, the locator will transmit signal to inViu web, which will then send an instant e-mail or SMS with all the acquired information. ENAiKOON locate-18 owners will have access to the inViu web portal once the device is activated.


A geofence is a virtual fence around a specifically selected geographic area. Such geographic area can be the location of the timber storage or the transport routes in and out of the forest. An unlimited number of geofences can be created simply by drawing them on the inViu web map. The map used in inViu web is based on ‘OpenStreetMap’ data, which possess significant advantages compared to Google Maps. For ex-ample, forest paths and parts can be completely zoomed in.


ENAiKOON inViu routes

Aside from the inViu web portal, ENAiKOON has a free Android app called “inViu routes”, which users can access on their smartphones for immediate tracking of timber containing the locate-18. The ENAiKOON ID of the tracking device can be entered in inViu routes to see the current position of timbers on the map, and further finds the fastest route to the displayed position to cut the thieves off their path.


Precautionary measures such as instant logging of wood, accurate listing of timbers in warehouses and immediate marking of tree trunks have been implemented by timber owners. However, these turned out to be ineffective and evidently not sufficient to discourage thieves.


With the help of ENAiKOON locate-18, thieves can be held responsible and stolen timbers can be obtained back. In the long run, wood proprietors will no longer suffer and timber theft will cease to exist.


ENAiKOON locate-18 itself costs around 300 Euros including battery, the monthly cost for the use of inViu web including SIM card is worth 9.80 Euros. Prices excl. VAT.

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