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REHAU Vadodara unveils new edgeband design centre

 Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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REHAU Vadodara

REHAU, the renowned worldwide for its expertise in polymer solutions, is thrilled to unveil its cutting-edge Edgeband Design Centre in Vadodara. This modern facility embodies REHAU’s continuous commitment to innovation and excellence, providing customers with a unique insight into the evolving world of edgeband technology.

The Edgeband Design Centre stands as a pivotal investment in REHAU’s growth trajectory, signaling a bold step towards innovation and customer-centricity. CEO Mr. Rafael Daum stated, “The inauguration of our Edgeband Design Centre underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.” This cutting-edge facility will serve as a nucleus for research, development, and collaboration, enabling REHAU to stay at the forefront of edgeband technology. By providing customers with firsthand access to the latest design solutions and fostering industry partnerships, the Centre will drive product innovation, strengthen market presence, and solidify REHAU’s position as a global leader in polymer-based solutions.

The establishment of the Edgeband Design Centre in Vadodara marks a significant advancement for the furniture market in Gujarat. This cutting-edge facility will serve as a hub for innovation, providing local designers and manufacturers access to the latest edgeband technology and design solutions. Mr. Manish Arora, VP – Furniture Solutions, REHAU South Asia, affirmed, “The Edgeband Design Centre will empower Gujarat’s furniture market by offering state-of-the-art resources and expertise. It will facilitate collaboration, inspire creativity, and elevate the quality of furniture produced in the region, ultimately driving growth and competitiveness in the market.”

The consolidation of manufacturing operations in Vadodara marks a significant stride in REHAU’s ‘Make in India’ commitment. Managing Director Mr. Faiz Ahmed states, “This strategic move reinforces our dedication to local production and supports India’s vision for a robust industrial ecosystem.” By centralizing manufacturing activities in a single facility, REHAU demonstrates its investment in local talent, infrastructure, and innovation. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency, quality control, and agility in responding to market demands. As a result, REHAU strengthens its position as a prominent contributor to India’s manufacturing landscape, embodying the ethos of ‘Make in India’ and driving sustainable growth in the region.

REHAU’s strategy behind establishing the Excellence Centre in Vadodara is to optimise logistics, enhance quality control, and deliver unadulterated German quality products to Indian consumers. VP – Strategic Projects, REHAU, Mr. Lakshmi Pacha, avowed, “The Vadodara Excellence Centre embodies our vision for excellence and advancement.”

Consolidating resources ensures streamlined operations, fostering collaboration, driving product innovation, and raising industry standards. This strategic initiative reinforces REHAU’s leadership in polymer-based solutions, ensuring superior products for Indian consumers.

More than 85% of REHAU’s committed employees have moved with their families, showcasing their deep loyalty and commitment to the brand. This deliberate move is designed to boost productivity and operational effectiveness, reinforcing REHAU’s status as a leader in the industry.

The inauguration of the Edgeband Design Centre in Vadodara marks a significant milestone for REHAU and the Indian market. This state-of-the-art facility embodies REHAU’s unwavering dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and the ‘Make in India’ initiative. By providing cutting-edge solutions, empowering local industries, and fostering a culture of excellence, REHAU solidifies its position as a global leader in polymer-based solutions. Gratitude is extended to all stakeholders, employees, and partners for their unwavering support, as REHAU looks forward to continuing its journey of growth and success together.

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