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REHAU turns more responsible than ever

 Friday, October 21, 2022

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REHAU introduced eco-friendly RAUFLOOR Neostein RCVT flooring solutions for healthy homes. This an excellent solution for modern living spaces and is an ideal flooring solution for households with children, pets and people who are hyper-sensitive to allergens. To cater to the dynamic needs of the evolving consumer base the flooring plank incorporates exceptional layers to enrich the product.

The plank comprises of PVC over rigid core and is characterized by four special layers: UV layer, wear layer, color film/ printed layer and rigid core vinyl layer. The top UV layer protects the surface from most scratches, dirt and chemical contaminants which help in easy cleaning. The wear layer gives it durability and resistance to abrasion, while the printed layer provides the desired pattern to the surface. The ultra-dense rigid core makes it waterproof and durable. Following the sustainable path and consuming eco-friendly materials, REHAU has innovatively designed the modern flooring solution RAUFLOORNeostein Rigid Core Vinyl Tile (RCVT) flooring solutions.

RAUFLOORNeostein RCVT is engineered with robust vinyl material that combines limestone and stabilisers to create an extremely durable core. Vinly flooring creates admirable surface textures imitating natural wood or stone. By accommodating stable core factors it also includes calcium carbonate and foaming agents. This gives vinyl a rigid, yet soft feel underfoot and helps in dealing with the entire host of conditions.

The scratch resistant flooring solution has distinctive functional composition and technology, which strengthen product durability and simplify floor care efforts. It is suitable for underfloor heating system, residential and light commercial areas.

REHAU’s most suitable flooring solution, RCVT is easy to maintain and install as it has a unique product specification of DIY (Do it yourself installation). Vinyl features an easy-click lock installation method that is DIY friendly. With no adhesives or glue, the installation of flooring eliminates the process of drills and makes it more user-friendly.  The size range of RCVT flooring is between 1212.4*177.35mm, available in two different thicknesses ie; 4mm and 5mm.

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