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Q-Cut panel sizing saw blades from LEUCO a top finish-cut quality

Published on :Monday, June 21, 2021

The strength of the Q-Cut family from LEUCO is the very good quality of cut. In addition, the saw blades for horizontal panel sizing saws have very long edge lives. Users appreciate the good price-performance ratio.

Saw blades from the Q-Cut family are used for single and stack cuts up to an 80 millimeter height of cut when finish-cut quality is required. The reason for this is the low-vibration tool body. As a result, operati-on is smooth; the cut edges are clean and chip-free.

Long edge lives in the standard assortment

The tungsten carbide cutting material used by LEUCO is breakage- and impact-resistant. That is why the edge lives are relatively long. Depending on the material, the saw blades last for up to 5,000 running meters.

These saw blades are part of the standard assortment and the purchase price is relatively low. Plants that use the saw blade are thrilled with the price-performance ratio.

Various versions for users

LEUCO has four versions of the Q-Cut family in the standard assortment:

  • With the Q-Cut G6, LEUCO provides finished-cut quality in the diameter range of 280-520 millimeters.
  • If reduced noise is required as well, the Q-Cut G6 nn-System is the correct choice.
  • Whoever processes plywood, veneered wood-based materials, panels with sensitive top layers or lightweight panels should reach for the Q-Cut G5.
  • The Q-Cut TR-F K for anti-fingerprint materials and plastics rounds out the finished-cut assortment from LEUCO.

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