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Perfect fittings from Hettich

 Thursday, January 6, 2022

“Hettich, a German manufacturer of furniture fittings, recently opened a Hettich Experience Centre in Singapore that features myriad fittings for space conscious and storage efficient designs. To understand more about furniture fittings, and what plans the company has for Singapore and South East Asia, we speak to Matthias Bertl, managing director of Hettich SEA. ” By Yap Shi Quan.

Swinging open cabinet doors, pulling out a drawer compartment, moving furniture elements in other ways — furniture fittings ensure such experiences of using furniture are smooth and enjoyable. And Hettich strives to make this a reality for their customers with their aim of “creating the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality and design” in their solutions.

Since 1888, Hettich has been developing and producing a variety of fittings for different functions and design, with a focus on runners and drawer systems, hinges, and sliding and folding door systems. They are applicable to all kinds of wood furniture, and are in most cases hidden from view. Matthias Bertl, managing director of Hettich SEA, offered the Sensys Obsidian hinge as an example, a black hinge which blends with the dark colour interior of a wood furniture. “With high quality and durability, the Sensys Obsidian hinge will bring great experiences in using wood furniture,” he told Panels & Furniture Asia.

Hettich’s first Experience Centre in Singapore and South East Asia, opened in October 2021, seeks to provide interior designers and architects around the region solutions for versatile urban living in small spaces. As Bertl explained: “With living space becoming scarcer and limited, people will face the challenge of making the most efficient use of any room without cluttering it.

“This is where the intelligent storage space concepts from Hettich come in. Whether small or large rooms, Hettich’s fitting solutions will let you create and utilise every last inch of storage space, for storing household items hidden from view yet in easy reach, or giving your room a clever structure and easily keeping everything in its place. The result is a new style of home living: space conscious, structured, uncluttered.”

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