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New blown-in insulations made from wood fibers from STEICO

 Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Whether roof, ceiling or wall, whether new building or energy-efficient modernisation: blown-in insulation materials are often the fastest and most economical method of insulating. And sometimes the only one that makes technical sense. STEICO offers two blown-in insulation materials: STEICOzell is completely made from wood fibers and from waste paper.

Areas of application:


All from a single source

Perfect adaptation to any shape

There is virtually no alternative to blown-in insulation materials if the ones to be filled compartments or cavities are not rectangular or in their depth vary or there are stiffeners, cables or pipes in them condition. Blown-in insulation materials always fit seamlessly to everyone sizes, shapes and internal elements. This makes them the Ideal solution for knee joints, lofts, old roof trusses with large ones Variances or unconventionally shaped wooden structures.

For web beams ideal compartment insulation

For timber frame construction elements using the STEICO building system are manufactured, blown-in insulation materials are ideal. Because they fit fits seamlessly to the optimized shape of the STEICOjoist web beam at. In this way, raw material-efficient, lightweight and energy-efficient elements can be produced economically and insulate. Because with the STEICOjoist it will Strap height alone above the slim Hardboard bridge defined.

With blown-in plate: Insulating every second

With the serial prefabrication of timber frame construction elements, it saves a lot of time by using blow-in panels. These will lowered and placed onto the open element from above. On the sides an air-permeable membrane seals the compartment in a dust-tight manner. The insulation material is blown in through several nozzles, it spreads out evenly. Once the desired insulation density is reached, it stops process automatically.

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