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Need-based painting robot concepts from Venjakob

 Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The demand for individual painting systems is increasing. The mechanical engineering company Venjakob from Rheda-Wiedenbrück, a specialist in surface concepts and conveyor technology, has also noticed this. Depending on the application and the requirement profile of the user, robot painting concepts can be a sensible alternative for surface coating. Venjakob often swims against the current with his coating concepts and the technology used in them. “Since we have a wide variety of painting processes in our portfolio, our customers always receive the best application solution for their requirements – be it in the form of a coating machine or a painting robot concept,” says Wolfgang Hauser, General Industry + Automotive division manager at Venjakob.

Venjakob develops tailor-made

Currently, they want to concentrate more on the further development of painting concepts with robot technology. “We are already using this technology. We know that a lot more is possible here. That is why we want to develop it further based on the needs of the user,” says Hauser, describing the current project at Venjakob. After all, at Venjakob you can fall back on appropriate know-how with decades of experience in application technology and in the manufacture of painting machines. “The only thing missing now is the wishes and requirements of the users so that we can implement them.”

“Where are you troubled?”

Venjakob calls on users to contact the company directly. “Tell us where you are hurting! We invite you to further develop existing solutions with us! ”This is not just about developing special solutions as part of a customer order. They just want to take in all the impulses that lead to the development of new, even more customer-oriented concepts for use with painting robots. In order to be able to test the practical suitability of the developments, Venjakob provides those involved with the company’s own technical center.

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