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Mirka continues expansion in Jeppo

 Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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Mirka is planning to invest in the expansion of the automated high-bay warehouse at the factory in Jeppo. A new production hall will be constructed alongside the high-bay warehouse to improve the agility of the production and logistics processes. This measure comes as a result of Mirka operations’ consistent growth and ability to act swiftly in response to the pandemic’s changes in previous years. Currently, the company is considering significant investments to make sure that it can expand its warehousing and production facilities to meet future demand. It largely involves preparing the company for upcoming demands.

A move to respond to future needs
New product families and an extension of the product portfolio will result, among other things, from new environmental regulations in the EU and new production technology, necessitating greater storage space.

It concerns both new building and an expansion of Mirka’s Jeppo facilities. The investment totals more than 20 million euros. Sjöberg claims that the money will be invested over the course of two years in both the enormous halls and the automation of the high-bay warehouse.

“In concrete terms, you can say that we have outgrown our facilities, especially regarding our warehouse capacity here in Jeppo, so there is a need to expand”, says Mirka’s CEO Stefan Sjöberg.

Beginning in 2023, building is scheduled to start on the production hall and the high-bay warehouse. The new high-bay warehouse will be prepared for commissioning in 2025, and the new hall is anticipated to be finished by the end of 2024.

“The timetables speak for themselves. Although market outlooks currently are a bit pessimistic and we still see the effects of the coronavirus situation on the world economy, we must act in time. It is all about long-term planning”, Sjöberg notes.

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