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MiCROTEC Provides the Number 1 Solution for Strength Grading

 Monday, May 20, 2024

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MiCROTEC Provides the Number 1 Solution for Strength Grading

The Italian provider for wood processing solutions MiCROTEC offers the most certified lineal strength grading solution for lumber worldwide. The combination of the Goldeneye multi-sensor quality scanner including X-ray and Viscan localises and recognises every detail of the lumber with unbeatable precision.

It reliably determines a modulus of elasticity (MOE) profile over the full length of the board by measuring the board’s density via X-ray as well as the resonant frequency. The MOE is combined with the visual data from the Goldeneye. Different grades can be determined for different parts of the board, so weaker parts can be removed allowing for a significant increase in yield.

As Martin Bacher, Intellectual Property and Strength Grading Expert at MiCROTEC explains, the MiCROTEC
strength grading solution has been certified according to the most relevant grading standards worldwide including EN 14081, MSR, and AS/NZS1748 standards. “This has allowed for the solution with Goldeneye and Viscan to be installed 50 times in countries across the world, among others in Germany, USA, Japan, South Africa, and Brazil.”

MiCROTEC Provides the Number 1 Solution for Strength Grading

In addition to the combination of Goldeneye and Viscan, it is possible to integrate this solution with various other MiCROTEC scanners such as the moisture meter M3 Scan, the 3D board scan Warpscan, or the lumber front side scanner Endscan.

MiCROTEC is the global technology and market leader in intelligent wood characteristics detection to maximise recovery for the wood processing industry. With a solid foundation and a dedicated passion, it brings excellent service and world-leading scanning solutions to the complete wood processing industry. MiCROTEC’s team members constantly create new solutions to boost value in wood processing for its valued customers.

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