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Metsa Wood adds another panel to its lineup

 Friday, November 25, 2022

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Metsa Wood has announced Metsa Wood DuraForm as a more reasonably priced and long-lasting formwork panel option to its lineup: The composite-surfaced birch plywood panels hardly require any maintenance and have a 200-use lifespan. They produce surfaces that are especially smooth while adhering to the idea of a closed-loop economy.

Formwork systems secure cast concrete its shape, enabling speedy and affordable project implementation. Despite being lighter in weight, the new Metsa Wood DuraForm formwork panel series has great stability and minimal distortion. The durable, maintenance-free birch plywood panels are very simple to work with and, because of their unique surface, offer a very smooth concrete finish.

Countless potential applications

For consistent and appealing results, the quality and processing of the formwork panels implemented is crucial. The material, which is made from high-strength birch plywood, exhibits little deflection even over large spans. Metsa Wood DuraForm exhibits notably high strength despite its low weight. The panels’ unique design and construction enable significantly resource- and space-saving formwork structures as well as convenient on-site handling.

Sustainability is synonymous to long-lasting

When used on building sites, concrete formwork is put under a lot of stress. The Metsa Wood DuraForm elements’ robust, scratch-resistant composite surface in this situation allows cleaning and subsequent reuse of the panels simple. Even when fastened with nails, the increased crack resistance and decreased chipping help to maintain a consistently good surface quality. The Metsa Wood DuraForm panels have shown to be particularly resource-friendly beyond their life cycle in keeping with the principles of a sustainable circular economy because they may be reused up to 200 times.

“Selecting the right formwork panels is often one of the greatest difficulties you encounter when producing a concrete surface, especially when a top-quality smooth finish is a goal, the top-quality Metsa Wood DURAForm panels are super easy to process and later reuse. Even if nails are used for fastening, the panel surfaces can be easily restored to their original condition,” says Marc Juste, Managing Director at Müller Holzgroßhandel GmbH.

Yet the latest addition to the high-performance formwork panel product line from Metsa Wood makes an impression not only with its degree of sustainability, but also with its high cost-effectiveness.

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