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Makor Group supplies new lacquering line

 Monday, January 23, 2023

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Makor Group installs a new finishing and lacquering line for RCS Special Lacquers, one of the most innovative and advanced businesses in its field in Italy. At Makor’s main office in Sinalunga, the device that the company built and designed was tested. Since it is a “just-in-time – lot 1” model, only one component can be worked on at once. The Robospray 4.0 robot, which is anthropomorphic and promises painting of a level of quality comparable to a human arm, is part of the line. The robot can paint both flat and three-dimensional objects, so less paint is wasted while changing colours.

Flexible oven Flexi
The series also features a flexible oven Flexi, that enables customers to customise drying durations and temperature settings for each individual tray or load. Each tray has valves that allow the pieces to be discharged, painted on the other side, or given additional coats for decorative finishes like marble effects, steel, or metal. Flexibility is Flexi’s key selling point; it is appropriate for water- or solvent-based paint formulations with medium-long drying times. For businesses wishing to finish their products with flexibility and high quality, this painting line is a great option. Its capacity to provide specialised solutions and a focus on client satisfaction have always made Makor Group stand out.

Thanks to cutting-edge equipment created especially for flat painting, RCS Special Lacquers manufactures handcrafted goods utilising the latest-end technology for industrial application techniques available.

Makor Group has been operational since 1968. It has been developing, producing, and distributing a broad range of cutting-edge tools and solutions for the wood finishing industry for more than fifty years. Both individual machines and entire production lines are produced by Makor. The process times are shortened while maintaining the highest standards of quality for Makor goods. Makor designs finishing equipment for both small-scale manufacturing facilities and the extensive market for furniture, window components, wood for construction, glass, plastic, and composite materials.

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