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LIGNA.23 to unveil a host of innovations

 Saturday, February 18, 2023

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The new pellet mill N-PLUS by Nova Pellet is not only cost-efficient, but also lets the user avail lower pellet production cost. Nova Pellet has developed their latest creation with a basic low relation between electrical kW absorbed and pellet production Kg per hour. In fact, N-PLUS has been projected and developed properly for pellet production and all technologies and mechanical solutions are chosen to get the best economic advantageous respect other producers and obtain the best quality pellet on market, completely without additives or glues, from natural origin or not. Therefore, with N-MIDI and other Nova pellet mill machinery, you can sell pellet both to private or industrial market and gain on low maintenance and production cost.

The main innovations are: frequency driver for loading screw to save energy, avoid machine stoppage and avoid frequently tool changes for not homogeneous material; the setting of the rollers is from outside the machine, fast and simple, without machinery stoppage, that permit you fast cleaning and restart because of the two main front door that permit the user a fast check and clean of the compression area; central material loading permitted to project the machine with double side fixed rollers erasing any wearing time for the consumables inside the rollers (patented technology).

Technical innovations of N-PLUS pellet mill

• Roller’s setting and adjustment outside the main door of the machine, that means no running
cycle stops for setting
• Pellet production without additives or glues, from natural origin or not
• High efficiency engines IE2 norms
• Frequency driver on main engine
• Dozing screw to load saw dust into the die regulated by a frequency driver
• Rollers attached in two sides to the structure of the machinery for low wearing time
• Ring die with easy change system and low wear time for the tools of the pellet mill
• Vegetable oil for start and stop production cycle
• Air and water mixer to humidify the raw material
• Compact size machinery
• Fast tools change and front doors opening by the direct front machine doors that permits
short time and low cost for maintenance and cleaning
• Belt driven transmission with high resistance rubber belt
• Compact size machinery for big production
• One central screw to load saw dust into the dies
• Automatic grease lubrication for rollers and main shaft
• Made in Italy

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