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LEUCO Japan happily celebrates 25th anniversary

Published on :Wednesday, January 6, 2021

LEUCO Japan is happy to celebrate 25th Anniversary in spite of challenges came across in 2020. The year witnessed an extraordinary experience in tooling business due to the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak. However, LEUCO continued adapting to innovative business ways and from the beginning, they have proceeded with the business selling new tool sales and service directly to the customers, and this was unique in the Japanese business environment.

The executives from LEUCO visited many new customers and developed new sales. We also request our customer to pay cash only, which was as well very rare in Japan at that time. It is a nostalgic memory, but at the same time, we are so glad that many of such customers have continued an excellent business relationship with us for 25 years.

Significant changes in 2020 for LEUCO Japan:

LEUCO replaced old machines and installed the newest available technology of machines to assure the highest resharpening quality and excellent precision. They also strengthened the team by more training for new business fields, e.g. into the non-wood industry. GDP growth impacted on business decisions and LEUCO had many business chances. The woodworking market environment in Japan became more challenging than in the beginning years of LEUCO Japan. However, with a positive approach and focus on the business without fear of changing and fully support the manufacturing industry in Japan.

LEUCO Japan is continuously changing like creatures; what never changed is the mission to suggest innovative tooling solutions to the Japanese woodworking industry.

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