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LEUCO advances roughing/finishing cutters

Published on : Tuesday, October 20, 2020

One of the key tool makers of the woodworking and manufacturing industry, LEUCO, has recently fine- tuned their products and augmented the sector. The tool makers have successfully introduced advanced roughing/finishing cutters, and improved overall performance of the manufacturers. The DP-tipped roughing/finishing cutters have proven to be especially effective, especially when processing Multiplex. The program has been expanded two sizes for even more application possibilities.

Roughing/finishing cutters combine the advantages of the high removal rate of a roughing tool with the high cutting quality of a finishing cutter. This saves time and costs compared to the two-step approach of roughing and then finishing.

These cutters allow processing of solid wood, glued wood, plywood, coated wood-based materials and sandwich wood-based materials in a quality close to that of finishing quality.

Especially when processing Multiplex in its wide variety of versions both without and with coatings, common VHW tools quickly reach their limits regarding edge life. LEUCO is probably the only manufacture whose product range includes a diamond-tipped (DP) roughing/finishing cutter in the size Ø16 x SL32 mm Z=4+4 as a highly economical solution.


On machines with console tables, it is now possible to process even thicker material using the cutter sizes Ø16 x SL36 mm and Ø18 x SL45 mm.

The range of DP roughing/finishing cutters available from stock is rounded out with a cutter in the size Ø12 x SL26 mm Z=2+2 that is also suited for use on nesting tables.

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