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Ledinek moves forward with substantial investments

 Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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Ledinek moves forward with effective investments

The construction industry is seeing a significant increase in the use of wood, particularly due to the ecological and aesthetic considerations. Advanced wood products like CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) and GLT (Glued Laminated Timber) not only enable the construction of sustainable structures but also contribute to impressive design diversity, leading to unique and appealing architectural solutions. The current day changes in the needs and wants of the customers, are bringing new challenges for machine manufacturer and system suppliers like Ledinek.

Increased Performance in Fully Automated Operations:
There’s an emphasis on nearly 4.0 production with a material that could hardly be more individual. “To further expand our leading position in this area, we will continue to invest significant energy in developing new solutions.” said Robert Mlinaric, Sales Manager at Ledinek.

Success and Progress:
Ledinek has successfully completed several projects in this year, utilising its longstanding experience combined with current knowledge and innovative solutions. The company has met all technical need of its customers, marking significant progress for Ledinek in terms of both product and performance.

Expansion and Modernisation:
Ledinek is actively involved in the North American market, investing in its own machine portfolio to meet specific requirements for the construction of oversized glulam beams. This includes the acquisition of new machining centers like the Mazak Integrex i-500S and five-axis simultaneous machine Waldrich Coburg Taurus 30, and implementing a new measuring room for quality control.

New Construction and Sustainability Initiatives:
Ledinek is building a new production complex net to existing halls, which will include office spaces and an automatic self warehouse, adding additional space for machine and plant assembly, and office areas. The company is also investing in a biomass heating system and power generation from renewable sources, including a sustainable energy solution with a solar power plant.

Smaller Variant and Investment in Modernization:
Ledinek has developed a lighter version of its flagship X-Press, the XE-Press, suitable for smaller production capacities and aims at the emerging markets. The company is also working intensively on new automated solutions for curved beams production.

Gregor Ledinek, CEO Ledinek expressed his pride in concluding a successful year. The company is further looking forward to new challenges that are about to come in the new year while making the best use of additional engineering and production capacities

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