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LCLT – LIGNOLOC advances performance of wooden nails in mass timber

Published on :Wednesday, August 25, 2021

LCLT – LIGNOLOC gives an edge to the mass timber and passive house construction. LIGNOLOC wooden nails help in building ecologically finest quality wooden elements. These eco friendly fasteners are a perfect way to produce multi-layer mass timber panels and replace the traditional aluminium nails as well as the wooden dowels.

Solid wood table in LCLT

The products such as Biennale exhibition table was built in LCLT = LIGNOLOC Cross Laminated Timber construction method (metal and glue-free cross-laminated timber elements). The table-top and base are made of European spruce wood. The nails used here have a diameter of 4.7 mm and a length of 65 mm.

Reduces production time

LIGNOLOC wooden nails known for reducing the gluing time, is used in several projects where CLT or Cross Laminated Timber is used. Thus, the wooden nails help in saving time and offer environmentally friendly projects.

In this innovative designing process the wooden nails are layered that is each new layer of timber is linked with a new layer. The combination of glue and nail helps in maintaining the proper work flow.

Easy to recycle

Wooden nails may be easily recycled and hence environment friendly in nature. This approach was preferred in the Temporal.haus project. Using BECK LIGNOLOC wooden nails, the three-story building’s base uses a novel Cross Diagonal Laminated Timber podium with floor panels made from Nail Laminated Timber. This reduces the use of adhesive and considerably reduces the amount of steel to improve the structure’s capacity for reuse.

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