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Latest innovations from Hoffmann

 Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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A combination of precision machinery and fine craftsmanship from Hoffmann offers the much needed efficiency to the woodworking and joinery industry. With a wide range of machines with different processing steps for the efficient production and assembly of wooden components which need to be joined Hoffmann once again advances machining solutions.

MS35-SF  – Saw and Routing Machine

Two clean precision mitre cuts to an exact length in one machine cycle. When both pieces are to be joined together or in a frame, then they can be prepared with one or two dovetail slots in precise positions in the cut faces for jointing with Hoffmann Keys. Suitable for work-piece sizes maximum 90 x 90 mm. Hoffmann Key sizes W-1/2/3. Ideal for cutting profiles for glazing beads, cornices, plinths etc. in wood, aluminium, or plastic at 45°. It can also be used solely as a Double Mitre Saw, to cut to length profiles such as glazing beads, cornices plinths etc. in wood, aluminium, and plastic. At 45° angles.


A combination of precision machinery and fine craftsmanship enables MS35-SF  to offer the highest quality, performance and certification requirements.

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