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Koskisen strengthens presence in Poland with Kore business expansion

 Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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Koskisen strengthens presence in Poland with Kore business expansion

Koskisen, a leading wood products company, is embarking on a significant expansion by investing around EUR 3 million in Kore, a business specialising in crafting interior solutions for light commercial vehicles. This investment is primarily directed towards acquiring advanced machinery, including CNC machines and essential equipment to enhance production capabilities. The establishment of a new production unit in Skwierzyna, Poland, marks a strategic move for the company. Additionally, Koskisen has secured long-term lease agreements for already completed production facilities, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable growth and operational excellence.

With the new production unit, the production facilities of the Kore business will grow from the current 3,000 m3 to 8,000 m3. The new facilities enable scaling of production capacity to more than double. The investment supports the expansion of Kore’s product range into new end-uses and the expansion of the current market area.

“Expanding the Kore business is one of the growth paths of our recently updated strategy and aims at Kore’s profitable growth through new products and customers,” says Tom-Peter Helenius, Director, Panel Industry.

The decision to invest in the new production unit is backed by significant market factors. Rising logistics demands, the robust expansion of e-commerce deliveries, and the ongoing shift towards electrification are driving an upsurge in the need for light commercial vehicles. This surge, in turn, amplifies the demand for wood panels utilised in their equipment and interior solutions, positioning the investment as a strategic response to evolving market dynamics.

“The investment will clearly improve Kore’s competitiveness and ability to add value to our customers, and at the same time it will become a significant player in its main market area in Europe,” says Jori Silfverberg, Director, the Kore business.

These Kore products include floor and lining components, wheel arches and accessories for light commercial vehicles made from plywood and other materials. These are manufactured according to customer requirements.

Koskisen started producing interior solutions for light commercial vehicles under the Kore brand in Toporów, Poland, in 2010. The production unit currently employs about 70 people. The personnel requirement for the new unit to be established in Skwierzyna is approximately 30–40 employees. The Kore business is part of the Panel Industry segment.

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