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Komatsu impresses with XT-5 harvesters

 Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Komatsu impresses with yet another best in class advancement. Its XT-5 tracked harvesters allow operators to harvest closer to the carrier and operate with confidence. To harvest trees in constrained, dense, and difficult-to-access woods, operators need machinery with agility, power, versatility, and dependability.

The XT-5 closed loop tracked harvesters from Komatsu are designed to operate in difficult situations and give operators the ability to move, chop, delimb, harvest, and swing timber at the same time. Operators can utilise rails, a boom, an arm, and tools at the same time because hydraulic lines were designed for each function.

Enhanced power and productivity : The 331 HP harvesters from Komatsu have a short-tail swing that enables users to manoeuvre through clear-cut, sloped and dense forest situations. Handling trees with the arm fully extended is made simpler by the lift’s design, which considerably increases lift capacity. The XT-5 harvesters can be fitted with a variety of harvesting saw heads due to its good boom lift and arm holding capacity balancing. The harvesters have two separate working ranges that can be adjusted to the task. To harvest larger trees, use the short reach and a larger head. To collect trees farther from the carrier, switch to a longer reach and a more compact head. A powerful, four-way levelling mechanism that encourages front, rear, and side levelling for superior stability is included with the XT455L-5.

Lower maintenance costs and easier servicing : Because the XT-5 harvesters’ ultramodern hydraulic tank system design uses 55% less hydraulic oil, maintenance expenses are reduced. Pumps are 17% larger and operate at 500 rpms slower because of hydro-nucleation, which helps reduce pump cavitation. The XT-5 harvesters’ engine gull-wing and wide swing-out doors provide quick and simple access to all engine service points and all crucial components.

Improved productivity with operator comfort and customisation : When the operator has a spacious, comfortable work area, it aids in reducing fatigue and supporting production. They can perform at the top of their game thanks to strong heating, cooling, and defrosting systems and excellent sight, particularly to the tracks. The controls can be changed to match each operator’s desire when working shifts change. Customise your joystick, boom, stick, tool tilt, swing, cab levelling, and other preferences.

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