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Kleiberit at Woodtech India

Published on :Tuesday, August 25, 2015

kleiberitKleiberit adhesives showcased some important adhesive formation which is crucial in adhesive section. A crucial process in the furniture industry is the forming of HPL, CPL and multi layer papers and veneers around profiled edges.


The transition between surface and edge bonding without a visible glue line plays an important role in the production of work tops and also in the production of furniture fronts.


Kleiberit Tempo 347  
Synthetic resin glue
•     For postforming  in-line or stationary
•    Suitable for fast press processing (surface bonding) e.g. bonding o laminates in a short cycle press
•    Very short setting times


Kleiberit 303.8
PVAC dispersion
•    Bond quality D3 according to DIN/EN 204
•    For postforming machines in-line and also stationary
•    Good spraying properties
•    High green strength

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