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Kleiberit 774.6 – EVA edge hot melt adhesive

Published on :Monday, April 12, 2021

In the area of ​​edge gluing and pre-coating, Kleiberit 774.4 is one of the most widely used EVA hot melt adhesives worldwide. Thanks to its consistently solid properties, the product has been ensuring reliable edge bonding with efficient manufacturing processes for over two decades.

With Kleiberit 774.6, they have succeeded in developing an edging adhesive with equivalent properties that further increases the profitability of the production processes. Extensive tests at Kleiberit confirm this.

Kleiberit 774.6 is suitable, for example, for edging panel materials with the following edge types:

  • ABS, PMMA, PVC and PP edges (primer required)
  • CPL and HPL edges (a primer may be required)
  • Paper edges
  • Solid wood and veneer edge

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