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KLEIBERIT 605.1- a new one component adhesive with unique properties

 Thursday, November 18, 2021

There are always demands in bonding requirements which may be contradictory or even mutually exclusive. This was precisely the challenge KLEIBERIT faced in developing the new reactive STP adhesive 605.1.

This universal product is used in both industrial and handicraft applications. Continuously new materials and material combinations as well as requirements regarding bonding quality and bond strength raise the question to users:

How can I bond these materials in such a way that the highest demands regarding quality and safety of the end product are met? The answer is:


A reactive one-component adhesive based on silane terminated polymers (STP), also known as a hybrid adhesive. Its excellent processing properties in terms of viscosity, pressing times, setting speed, and stability of the glue line, all while meeting the highest resistance to water, steam, heat and cold (tested according to DIN EN 204, D4 as well as DIN 14257), make it an absolute all-rounder that should not be missing in any workshop.

A real problem solver in handicraft and industrial applications.

Particularly noteworthy is the universal application due to extraordinary adhesion properties on almost all materials with each other/to one another, except brass, copper, PP, PE and Teflon. The adhesive is easy to apply with a spatula, brush or roller and does not foam. Selective application from a spray bottle is also possible due to the ideal viscosity and flow properties. For easy cleaning, KLEIBERIT offers the corresponding cleaner 823.3.

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