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Kingfisher showcases their efficiency at Materials and Finishes show

 Friday, May 31, 2024

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Kingfisher_Materials and Finishes Show

Kingfisher Packaging was thrilled to showcase their innovative technology at the Materials and Finishes Show. As representatives of the packaging and protection phase in the material journey, they are committed to providing efficiency to their customers through expert packaging solutions.

Industry-leading businesses often utilise the latest materials and software for their manufacturing or supplying stages, yet the likelihood is their overall efficiency is held back by overlooking labour-intensive, time-consuming and inconsistent packaging processes. In this competitive market, efficient packaging is a crucial factor in cost management, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Kingfisher Packaging aims to help businesses overcome their packaging challenges and enhance product protection by supplying quality products and offering a free consultancy program. Their goal is to save time and money for businesses while reducing transit damages.

George Martin, Director at Kingfisher Packaging, says “It was an exciting and engaging time at the show discussing business’ unique packaging needs. We spoke to a large array of manufacturers and suppliers who were interested in saving up to 75% on their packaging costs by decreasing the time, labour and excess materials currently being allocated to their packaging processes.”

Kingfisher_Materials and Finishes Show

The show was a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate how they could increase the efficiency of the entire packaging procedure, with live displays of their cutting-edge wrapping machines and systems. These seamlessly integrate into your operations, offering a plug-and-play solution that enhances efficiency and productivity from day one, often providing a return on investment after less than a year!

Amongst the machines on show was their revolutionary alternative to plastic strapping, Autoknot® string-tying machines. Eco-friendly solutions, they offer the same performance but with less waste and impact on the environment, a growing priority amongst businesses and their customers.

Regardless of your business’s scale or sector, Kingfisher Packaging can efficiently address your packaging needs. They provide stock machines and can design custom systems tailored specifically for your requirements.

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