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Junnikkala Oulu sawmill construction in progress

 Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Junnikkala's Oulu sawmill

The construction of Junnikkala’s Oulu sawmill is progressing rapidly with better aims and goals. About 1,000 cubic meters of logs have already been delivered to the site of the sawmill, and the first logs are scheduled to pass through the sawmill’s blades in December of this year. The forestry department organised 15.11. a joint training session for our wood harvesting partners operating in the Oulu region, in order to ensure the seamlessly working of the entire chain from the forest to the sawmill. The event brought together both old and new Junnikkala partners.

Raahelainen Veljekset Kellola Oy has been our wood procurement partner since the beginning of the 2000s. The company employs a total of 60 people, and the personnel with its contractual partners is around 100 people. In addition to timber harvesting, Veljekset Kellola operates in the earth moving and earth construction sector.

Veljekset Kellola has six chains of its own in wood harvesting. The chain refers to a multipurpose machine (motorcycle) that processes the trees and a driving machine that moves the trees from the forest to the side of the road to wait for the timber truck to transport them. Two chains of Veljekset Kellola have been working in Junnikkala logging for a long time. Tuomo Hanhisuanto, who is in charge of timber harvesting for Brothers Kellona, describes the cooperation as a significant pillar in business development.

Jouni Väisänen, the harvesting manager of the northern region of Junnikkala, was satisfied with the training session he organised. He even pointed out that the cooperation with Veljekset Kellola works well and smoothly. ”They have new equipment and skilled drivers. The big advantage is that the same drivers have been logging with us for a long time, and breaking a log in Junnikkala is a familiar thing. The saw will have a consistent quality, which is important to us.” says Jouni Väisänen.

Cutting off Junnikkala – the smartest solution

Väisänen says that the aim is to maximise the log’s share of each frame. The log break, combined with several log sizes, maximises the portion of the log that can be obtained from the tree. Katkonna’s control files enable the use of all log dimensions and are built in such a way that it is easy for drivers to make logs according to the quality of the wood.

The company also use short log sizes, starting with a length of 31 dm. This gives the forest machine operator more opportunities to break the log. The forest owner gets the best wood trade account when Junnikkala’s log measurements are used and professional drivers cut them, Väisänen sums up.

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