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Jowat unveils non-hazardous adhesive for window profile wrapping

Published on :Monday, February 10, 2020

Jowat to present product highlight for window profile wrapping.  The new product will be introduced at this year’s Fensterbau Frontale. Jowat, the adhesives specialist from Detmold, announces the launch of a very special product at the upcoming world-leading trade show for the windows industry: Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 604.90 is the first PUR hot melt adhesive with a reduced monomer content and thus hazard-free labelling certified according to RAL-GZ 716 for the wrapping of PVC window profiles.


Jowat supplies the industry with specialised and certified high-performance adhesives that match the process requirements. Coupled with a certified and optimally adapted Jowat primer, the adhesives facilitate a reliable laminating of PVC or aluminium profiles with decor foils.A wide range of adhesion, good initial strength and fast chemical cross linking are key characteristics of those tried and trusted adhesive systems which can be processed on profile wrapping units established on the market. In particular, the new Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 604.90 with hazard-free labelling combined with a non-hazardous, VOC-reduced Jowat primer not only facilitates optimum results in accordance with the requirements under the Technical Appendix to RAL-GZ 716, but also promotes the protection of employees and the environment under sustainability aspects.


At the trade show in Nuremberg, Jowat plans to once more demonstrate the enterprise’s position as an established global player in the industry with tried and tested bonding solutions and a know-how based on many years of experience in window construction. Apart from solutions for window profile wrapping, the adhesives manufacturer will also be showcasing a comprehensive product range of D4 dispersions and EPI adhesives from the Jowacoll® series for laminated window scantlings and door frames made from wood.



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